Big Game Hunter is an optional mission in Borderlands given by Ernest Whitting. Ernest wants hunters to kill Skagzilla, a skag bigger than any other, that lives in a cave in the The Dahl Headlands.


"See all the giant bones? Dug them up myself. I thought these creatures were extinct until, down at Wellspring Bluff, I came across a skag bigger than any I had ever seen! Its diet of cesium cactus, Runner fuel, and of course, human flesh, seems to have endowed it with incredible mutations. Truly, Skagzilla is a marvel of adaptation and survival. So, I want you to acquire some bait, lure it out, and kill it!"


Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter

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Get some bait, place it outside the cave, then kill Skagzilla.
  • Skagzilla Bait
  • Bait placed
  • Skagzilla killed


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The bait is located southwest of the giant mountain/hill and south of the Catch-A-Ride that is west of the mountain. In the small outpost is a skag being roasted over the fire, and this is to be collected for bait. Once the bait is collected, hunters proceed over the nearby bridge leading to Skagzilla's pen. Skagzilla will emerge after the bait is placed on spikes next to the cave entrance.


"Magnificent show! I'm going to have him stuffed and mounted in my den!"

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  • Text of Skagzilla Bait item: The smells of rotting fish and burning hair, together at last!
  • Skagzilla's enclosure is located directly west of Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole and is easily accessed via Catch-a-Ride from Lucky's. Entrance to the area is gained by a narrow enclosed bridge that terminates in a short drop off into the enclosure. The exit is a gate on the south side of the enclosure that will remain closed while the mission is active and opens once Skagzilla has been killed.
  • The bait is just north of the arena at a small bandit outpost. A conventional approach to the bait is on foot or by using an Outrunner, however a hidden approached can be gained by crossing the bridge and jumping up on its northern wall to drop onto a ledge that runs above the bandit camp. This high vantage is very useful for characters that use rocket launchers frequently.
  • The Ludicrous Speedway is nearby to the south and provides the nearest New-U station and Catch-a-Ride terminal. A weapon vendor here also provides a convenient sales point for any loot that Skagzilla might drop.
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