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Bezoomy is the title of a group of common assault rifles in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Vladof.

Usage & Description

Bezoomy rifles feature Gatling-style rotating barrels that have a spooling duration before its listed fire rate is reached. The weapon is best utilized in sustained sprays to make the most of its fire rate, in addition to being used in conjunction with skills that increase magazine size. Unfortunately, this weapon's greatest strength is also its largest downfall, as the Bezoomy's ammo consumption will rapidly deplete ammo stores.

Due to the Bezoomy's fire rate, it benefits the most from the bipod underbarrel attachment, allowing for extremely accurate sustained fire. Alternatively, the dual chaingun doubles the Bezoomy's effective fire rate, as well as its ammo consumption.

This weapon benefits most from skills and class mods that increase fire rate, such as Moze's Scorching RPM's, or Zane's Violent Violence. In addition, the large magazine sizes of Vladof weapons also benefit from skills that increase magazine size, allowing the Bezoomy to become an unmatched source of sustained automatic fire.

Notable Variants

  • Lucian's Call - Legendary assault rifle that returns 2 rounds to the magazine and ricochets two bullets to the nearest enemy on a critical hit.
  • Ogre - Legendary assault rifle that fires missiles instead of bullets.
  • Shredifier - Legendary assault rifle with greatly decreased spool time, increased fire rate and magazine size.


  • The Bezoomy, with the dual chaingun underbarrel attachment, has the fastest effective fire rate of all Assault Rifles.
  • The Bezoomy is only available at green rarity or higher.
  • The Bezoomy is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.