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Bessie is a pearlescent sniper rifle in Borderlands manufactured by Jakobs.

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Special Weapon Effects

That's my girl... – +500% Critical Hit Damage, high Damage, 100% accuracy when zoomed and increased bullet velocity.

Drop Guide

The Bessie has a chance to drop from Badass Desperadoes. Like all pearlescent weapons, the Bessie can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.

Usage & Description

In true Jakobs style, the Bessie was designed with the ideology that power and accuracy are valued over everything else. The Bessie has no spread when scoped in, and only misses its mark due to user error. Thus, it lends itself to be most effective in combat by making less-frequent, but well-aimed shots at critical spots, destroying the high priority targets (specifically badass enemies) before they can get within range of the Vault hunters. Its low rate of fire, doubled bullet velocity and perfect accuracy make it the ideal for scenarios that would be considered in excess of long range. However, this weapon can be effective even at short range, and is able to kill most weaker enemies with one well placed critical shot.


  • This weapon can be extremely powerful against Crawmerax the Invincible - with the right character choice, skill set and COM, it can destroy his limbs or back with one shot in a one or two player game, dealing close to 12,000 damage in the process.
  • Accuracy rating should not be considered when choosing a Bessie, as they are all 100% when scoped.


The Bessie gets all of its effects from its scope, the sight4_Jakobs_Bessie. Not only does it provide substantial stats boosts (Damage, Critical Damage, Projectile speed), it is also superior to the corresponding sight4 and even sight5, in terms of zoom in zoom.

From a strict mechanical point of view, the Bessie is a normal sniper rifle with a base +200% Critical Hit Damage bonus. The scope itself gives a multiplicative +150% Bonus, which makes the total critical hit damage of:

+200% × (1 + 150%) = +500%

This subtle aspect of the Bessie means that when combined with a Sniper or Ranger class mod, the bonus will not be applied to the full +500%, but rather to the base +200%.

The Bessie is made of JakobsBessie_Material, which is the same as Material_Jakobs_2. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

sight4_Jakobs_Bessie sight4 sight5
Zoom End FOV: -350%
Spread: 0 (When scoped)
Critical Damage: +150%
Damage: +30%
ProjectileSpeed: +100%
Zoom End FOV: -200%
Spread: -50% (When scoped, post apply)
Zoom End FOV: -300%
Spread: -70% (When scoped, post apply)


  • The name is a reference to Davy Crockett's muzzle-loading flintlock rifle, "Ol' Bessie".
  • If a reload were to be paused when the new rounds are being loaded into the cylinder, the number "357" become readable on the back, implying that the gun shoots .357 caliber rounds. This is true for almost all pump-action sniper rifles, exceptions being those with bright details (like material grade 3 Jakobs rifles, with golden gloss) that have no inscription whatsoever on the back of their bullets.