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Beneath the Meridian is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Tannis.


"We've assembled our first Vault Key, and it's time to open that Vault. Veteran Vault Hunter Maya is along for the ride!"



  • Go to Sanctuary
  • Give Vault Key fragment to Tannis
  • Go to Sanctuary bridge
  • Go to Neon Arterial
  • Eliminate Maliwan Squad
  • Talk to Zer0
  • Meet Maya
  • Drive to Apollyon Station
  • Destroy enemy vehicles
  • Drive Maya to blast door
  • Enter Apollyon Station
  • Find tunnel to Vault
  • Find Vault
  • Place Vault Key
  • Defeat The Rampager
  • Loot Vault
  • Break Eridium deposit
  • Access lodestar
  • Return to Maya
  • Talk to Ava
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Talk to Lilith
  • Talk to Ava (optional)
  • Talk to Lilith


Vault Hunters are instructed to progress to Neon Arterial, where a Maliwan squad will be blocking the way along with an energy Barrier. Rhys will inform them that he sent Zer0 and some Atlas infantry in an allied Technical. The enemies are fairly generic (Flash Troopers and Assault Troopers) although one heavy may spawn. After they are all defeated, Zer0 will destroy the energy barrier, allowing them to proceed. The Atlas reinforcements will no longer follow after this point.

The next part of the mission involves driving Ellie's provided vehicle (Project DD) to clear out bandits and enemy vehicles. This specific technical has the flak cannon front weapon and a unique paint job. Maya will occasionally launch energy blasts, which can instantly defeat most enemies. The COV will have rocket turrets and these can be dispatched with the technical's catapult as Maya will struggle to defeat these. There are minor checkpoints where Vault Hunters need to park their vehicle right on it, and Maya will destroy the obstruction with another energy blast.

Apollyon Station's enemies initially consist of nothing but COV units such as Enforcers, Psychos and Tinks. However, as Vault Hunters progress, Guardians will appear in the older parts of the facility. Guardians are purely energy-based foes and are weak to shock damage. If a shock weapon is unusable, non-elemental weapons can still be used. Some guardians may come with armor, which is easily dissolved with corrosive weapons. They do not be defeated for progressing to The Forgotten Basilica.

After entering the Vault and inserting the key, The Rampager appears as the mission's boss.

The Rampager is capable of the following attacks:

  • Claw Attacks - Attacks with its paws.
  • Bolt Spew - Spits out up to five slow projectiles.
  • Pounce Blast - Jumps and produces heavy blast on impact.
  • Nova - Produces a circle of projectiles.
  • Volley - Produces a volley of projectiles from its arms.
  • Seismic beam - Shoots a white beam out of its mouth at the ceiling while spewing a series of projectiles. The beam causes a rockfall around the point of impact.
  • Rock Throw - Smashes a piece of the arena (usually a pillar) and throws the detached piece at its target.
  • Ground Pound (Phase 1 only) - Slams the ground repeatedly releasing volleys of projectiles.
  • Barrage (Phase 3 only) - Pounces throughout the whole arena, launching a volley of projectiles.

The volleys of projectiles may be slid under or jumped over, depending on the player position during attacks. The most reliable strategy however is to be on a different level as they all aim at the center of the Vault Hunter model and are not homing.

The fight with The Rampager is divided into three phases and it is imbued with an element for each phase:

Whenever it becomes imbued with a specific element, it becomes resistant to it, similar to most elemental enemies. The Rampager is also a flesh target, so incendiary weapons are powerful for the first two phases while non-elemental ones function best in the third.

The Rampager's critical spot is its chest opening and it is exposed when a seismic beam is fired. When sufficient damage has been dealt, the Rampager will briefly collapse and damage can be unleashed onto it. After several seconds, it will stand up again.

During the fight, Maya may revive crippled Vault Hunters. Floating on both sides of the arena are glowing wisps which can be destroyed with a single shot for an easy Second Wind. Eridian Guardians will also spawn (most commonly in the third phase), dropping health and ammo when killed.

When The Rampager is defeated, it drops loot, which can then be collected. The Vault ahead provides more loot though the most important item, the Eridian Resonator, must not be missed - With it in the Vault Hunter's arsenal, they can now shatter Eridium piles scattered across the game. Four chests will be available (two covered in Eridium), as well as many scattered eridium clusters. With everything collected, Vault Hunters can then follow Tannis's prompts.

The rest of the mission is simple as all remaining objectives are interacting with other characters. When the optional objective of talking to Ava appears, Vault Hunters should accomplish it for an extra reward. The mission is finished when Sanctuary III sets a course for Eden-6.


Turn In: Lilith


  • The song that plays while driving with Maya is Hold On by the band Animal Fiction.
  • Project DD's paint job (named "Maya") is unlocked after driving the vehicle to Apollyon Station.
    • However, the flak cannon upgrade is not obtainable from this mission, even though Ellie's provided technical has it.
  • Although Maya will attempt to remove the sea mines, they do not pose any threat to the Vault Hunters.
  • This mission marks the first appearance of the Blade Cyclones, which can be hijacked to unlock that specific part.
    • Additionally, hijacking enemy vehicles and scanning them at the Catch-A-Ride will allow the "Destroy enemy vehicles" objective to be completed.

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