Battle: The Death Race is a story mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by Crater Battle Board. The mission is performed in Badass Crater of Badassitude.

It begins a series of missions "The Death Race".



  • Wait at starting line
  • Ready!
  • Set!
  • GO!
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach checkpoint
  • Reach finish line


It gives the vault hunters the opportunity to fight Motor Momma, the second boss battle to the top of the ladder for the campaign of carnage.

There is a Catch-A-Ride opposite the Battle Board, from which this mission is obtained. By using this to spawn the vehicle, it will show vault hunters which direction to go to beat the mission.

The objective is to reach each checkpoint in the allotted time (2 minutes, 30 seconds). Although Moxxi will mention that racers have to blow up the bikers on the way, this is not required. To beat the mission, vault hunters have to pass the checkpoints, in order, and within the allotted time.

There are two jump shortcuts that can be taken to shave time off of the clock. The first is by taking the dirt road behind the Badass Crater Bar to a ramp that launches up to a broken highway section. This path actually passes directly above a checkpoint, completing it as the vehicle drives over. The second is another dirt road, this time to the right, that again leads to a ramp and another broken section of highway.


"You've gotten Momma's attention, and she wants to fight you. Now it's time to make her sorely regret that decision."

Turn In: Crater Battle Board


  • The Afterburner relic will be invaluable for improving the boost capabilities of the vehicle.