Battle: Bar Room Blitz is a story mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by Pyro Pete's Battle Board. The mission is performed in Pyro Pete's Bar.

It begins a series of missions "Bar Room Blitz".



  • Gather at rally point
  • Kill badasses among the bar patrons


Once the mission started, the countdown runs. Time is limited for this mission and it is equal 5:00 minutes. If Vault Hunters fails this mission, they must come back to Pyro Pete's Battle Board to start again.


"The Badasses of Pyro Pete's Bar will now treat you with a fear and respect one would generally reserve for diseases, natural disasters, and dinosaurs."

Turn In: Pyro Pete's Battle Board


  • This mission counts towards the Battles Completed challenge in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list.



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