Batch Files are small one-wheeled robots which roam around The Nexus in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They represent various internal processes running in Claptrap's Operating System. Like most other digital creatures in Claptrap's mind, they are mostly named using leetspeak.


Batch Files are first encountered during the mission Enter the Claptrap, when a group of four greet the Vault Hunters upon arrival to the Control Station. They will vie for a fee of five dollars from the Vault Hunters, all claiming that they will guide the Vault Hunters to their destination. Any Batch File can be chosen, if desired, and none will actually lead the Vault Hunters anywhere.

Once Enter the Claptrap has been turned in, Batch Files will spawn in various places around The Nexus:

  • Two on the main platform, around SYS_ADMIN
  • One further down on the same platform, near the Data Streams
  • Two on the next level down, near H0N3Y-P0T
  • One in the Control Station entry area
  • One in the Control Station Hub (near the exit to Motherlessboard)

The same Batch File can spawn more than once throughout the map, and the initial four "greeter" Batch Files will be among the others.

Greeter Batch Files

Except for a couple mission-specific lines during Enter the Claptrap, the first four Batch Files will only ever say a single line each when encountered outside of the mission, when talked to by the Vault Hunters.

These four Batch Files have unique skins, though M00CH5H4RK.0101.BAT and URCH1N.1.BAT are very similar.

Other Batch Files

There are at least twenty other Batch Files, divided between three skins. These Batch Files are much more talkative than the Greeter Batch Files, and share a common dialog pool.

Type 1

Gray, with a blue stripe

The Batch Files with a gray color and blue stripe are named:

  • 4NG5TYMcK00L.29.BAT
  • D-R4N63YD4N.99.BAT
  • H3B-GB.45.BAT
  • J1TT3RYJIM.31.BAT (the "i" in Jim is an actual letter, not the number one)
Type 2

Light blue, with a white stripe

The Batch Files with a light blue color and white stripe are named:

  • 0DD10UT.BAT
  • 4NX13TY.BAT
  • N0U534T4LL.BAT
  • T0X1CTYR0N3.7.BAT
Type 3

White, with a dark gray stripe

The Batch Files with a white color and dark gray stripe are named:

  • BR41NFR33Z.29.BAT
  • 1M4N1MP05T3R.BAT
  • 1T54LLDKN55.BAT
  • DY5P3P51CD4V3.14.BAT
  • N16HTT3RR0R5.BAT
  • P3T3RP4N1K.98.BAT
  • TR3MBLEH0UND.201.BAT (the second "e" in Tremble is indeed a letter, not the number three)



Greeter Batch Files

  • 5CR0UN63YS4M.0707.BAT: Y-Yeah! I can help!
  • B3LLB0Y.BAT: Anywhere you want to go! Five dollars!
  • M00CH5H4RK.0101.BAT: Hey! Want help getting around in here?
  • URCH1N.1.BAT: I can take you wherever you want to go!

Other Batch Files

When approached, the Batch Files have a chance to say one of the following lines:

  • All I need is to be someone else!
  • I LOVE it here! Wait -- which one is love again?
  • I play games instead of sleeping because I've got my priorities straight.
  • I should take a class. Bet I'd meet more bots that way.
  • Is dead the last thing?
  • Life is like a tautologous simile.
  • Sha-lalala doo-bi-do, sha-lala-do-be-do-buy, oh yeah...
  • What's me about?

If talked-to directly, the pool of available responses is:

  • Can I interest you in a data plan?
  • Hey! BACK off!
  • Ooo! Touch me again!
  • Who let you in here? ...Will they let me out?
  • You wanna dance? You can't HANDLE the dance!
  • You want a piece of me? Honestly -- I've got more than I want.
  • You? Not you? ...Just kidding. Who the heck are you?


  • In computing (specifically on DOS/Windows), Batch files are used to run collections of commands at once, and provide some basic control flow.
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