Basic Repeater is a unique aftermarket pistol in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Dahl. It is obtained from the mission My First Gun located in Windshear Waste.

Usage & Description

As the first weapon picked up by a character at the start of a playthrough (absent the Premiere Club pre-order bonus DLC), the Basic Repeater is a minimalist pistol with no special characteristics beyond its unique parts. In fact, it is inferior in several ways to a similarly equipped Dahl React Repeater[1], most notably having an unusually shallow ten-round[2] magazine due to a significant (-50%) magazine size penalty imposed by the unique Bandit barrel.[3] It should be replaced as soon as better weapons are available.


  • The Basic Repeater spawns with an entirely fixed set of parts, consisting of a unique bandit barrel, Tediore grip, no sight, no accessory, and no elemental capacitor.


  • The title of this weapon is in fact "Repeater"; "Basic" is treated as a prefix by the game. However, "Basic" can never be replaced with another prefix because all parts are fixed.
    • This is the only unique weapon whose title is shared with that of a regular weapon in.
    • A regular Dahl Repeater with identical parts will have the React prefix.
  • The Basic Repeater is the only unique weapon in the original game at common quality, and bears no red flavor text. (The Gearbox weapons supplied with the Premiere Club DLC, which are also common quality, are considered unique.)


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  2. The magazine size was previously 7, but was extended to 10 rounds on Day 1 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt along with magazine size increases to other Dahl pistols. As of Patch 1.8, this change is now permanent.
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