Barlo Gutter is one of the Gutter quadruplets who appears in Won't Get Fooled Again. He is the one that uses a sniper rifle and a shield, and is also fully healed, providing the clue that it was him who killed Justin Macready. He can be found along with his three other brothers and Marshall Friedman in a murder crime scene outside the arms dealership after Sanctuary becomes airborne.


Rocket Brother

Barlo carries a rifle instead of a rocket launcher

After he killed Justin, he went to Moxxi and demanded a 'safe haven'. Moxxi refused, so he got angry and tried to attack her, but got shot three times in return. His shield protected him from the first two shots, but but the third severely wounded him. He then went to Dr. Zed for treatment and before finally returning to the murder scene, and was arrested along with his brothers by Friedman for questioning.



  • If Vault Hunters guess wrong he will proclaim himself the murderer and escape into an alleyway, but if they guess right he will confess and the Marshall will shoot him.