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The Bank or Marcus Bank is a feature added with Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, allowing players to store items from their character's inventory. The bank is located in The Underdome. Access to the bank is achieved by talking to the Claptrap in the tuxedo, who acts as the cashier. The Bank was created as a subsidiary of Marcus Corp. and to celebrate its opening, Marcus Corp. funded Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot so that the Vault hunters could kill "hundreds and hundreds" of people.


Bank 'stache

'Stache your loot!! @ The Bank

The Bank is unique to each character on a Borderlands account and will store any of a character's equipment without the worry of clogging up that character's personal inventory. It will carry its own unique orange screen (similar to Vending Machines) in which items can be deposited or withdrawn from. Bank storage capacity can be upgraded by buying Bank Upgrades, which can be found in the Red Weapons Vending Machine right outside the bank itself.


Bank Upgrade item card

Bank Upgrade item card


Bank Upgrades for sale

Bank upgrades can only be purchased from the Red Weapons Vending Machine just outside of the bank. As with any purchasable SDU, they can be purchased at a higher level, without having to buy the intermediate steps. Higher level bank upgrades become available with playthrough progression. Bank Upgrade Levels 8 and 9 become available in playthrough 2. Bank Upgrade Level 10 becomes available upon unlocking playthrough 2.5.

Slots Cost Details Unlocked
1 0 12 $0 Initial starting bank Playthrough 1
3 1 15 $12,565 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
8 2 18 $26,397 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
13 3 21 $55,454 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
18 4 24 $116,466 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
23 5 27 $244,629 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
28 6 30 $513,807 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
33 7 33 $1,079,176 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 1
38 8 36 $2,266,642 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 2
43 9 39 $4,760,721 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 2
48 10 42 $9,999,143 Purchasable upgrade Playthrough 2.5

Borderlands 2[]

The bank returns in Borderlands 2 in the form of a large vault door. It is located in the Crimson Raiders HQ in Sanctuary in all difficulty levels and is accessible after the mission Plan B is complete. It is accessible from Claptrap's Place in True Vault Hunter Mode and above. The maximum space (up to 24 slots) can be upgraded for higher capacity at the Black Market.

Access to the secret stash is reward for completing the Claptrap's Secret Stash mission. The secret stash operates like a small item bank, except it is shared between all characters of a particular account. In True Vault Hunter Mode, and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, a second location of the secret stash appears in Claptrap's Place. It is located in a closet where several broken claptraps are stored and the first "Cult of the Vault" symbol can be found. It can hold up to 4 items.

Both banks have the same inventory no matter where are they accessed.

Several graphics can be seen on the stash.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel[]

The safe is located in the Bed, Breakfast and Bank, just next to Nina's Jab'n'Go clinic. Another safe is located in Violence Quantification and Calibration Chamber on Deck 13 1/2. The stash is located inside the Concordia Security Administration office. Operation and capacity of the safe and the stash is exactly the same as is in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 3[]

The bank is available once the player frees the captive interns from the bunk of Sanctuary III during the mission Sanctuary. It acts as a combination of both the bank and Claptrap's Secret Stash, allowing the player to store weapons for any of their characters to access. It has a generous storage space which can be upgraded by purchasing bank SDUs from Marcus, much like in the original Borderlands.

Bank SDUs can be bought at any time and are shared across all characters for that user profile, although the extremely high prices are a limiting factor to how many the player can buy at a given time. Legendary-grade and higher bank SDUs ask for prices in the millions, requiring endgame characters to save funds for them.


  • The Bank was added due to the request of many players of not being able to carry all of their equipment.[1]
  • Only the level 10 Bank Upgrade is needed to gain the maximum Bank slots, there's no need to buy every single one.
  • The Banker Claptrap is actually using dirty magazines to raise him to eye level. Similar magazines can be found on the party boat in Treacher's Landing, and scattered in other areas.
  • In the vault behind the Banker, there's one silver and one red weapon chests, as well as one ammo chest and a small safe. To the right of the vault, there's four more red weapon chests, as well as 48 safes (46 closed and 2 open).
  • In Borderlands 2, a glitch involving swapping items can allow the bank to hold more items than it should at the beginning of Hunting the Firehawk. Because Roland's ECHO will always appear as part of the story, it can be swapped for any item in the character's inventory. Since Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode allows players to reset their story progress, one can have theoretically infinite storage, albeit accumulated in a tedious fashion. The extra storage space is kept as long as character reserves that additional space with any other item.
  • There are billboards on the highway from T-Bone Junction advertising the bank with the quotes "Stash Your Crap!"
  • Ironically, Moxxi states in The Pre-Sequel that she is "not a big fan of the bank," despite her Underdome introducing the first bank in the series.

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