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Bane is a unique aftermarket submachine gun in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Hyperion.
It is obtained from the mission The Bane.

Special Weapon Effects[]

in Spain, stays mainly on the plain. – +130% damage and +14 magazine size. Reduced accuracy and recoil reduction rate. Unique voice module that plays an assortment of high-pitched screams. When equipped, movement speed is greatly reduced.

Usage & Description[]

The Bane boasts staggering damage for a unique submachine gun, outperforming even a non-elemental Bitch of the same level in terms of raw stats. This damage comes at a significant cost: in addition to the annoying sound effects and the amount of time it takes to reach maximum accuracy, the Bane slows the character's movement speed to a crawl. This makes the Bane highly impractical for most combat situations, with some exceptions:

  • Riding in the back of a Bandit Technical.
  • Combating slow or stationary enemies.
  • Attacking enemies from positions of cover.
  • Attaining a Second Wind.


  • The weapon's voice module will still play even if the in-game sound volume is set to 0.
  • The character's rotate and aim speed are not affected.
  • If the character swaps weapons during a quote-generating event (typically reloading), all weapons will obtain the unique voice of Bane. Quitting then reloading the game or entering a vehicle will fix this.
    • It may also help to drop the Bane and then pick it back up, but this does not always work.
  • The Bane will always spawn with an elemental capacitor.


Switching weapon[]



    • It is always played when the weapon is fired. The actual quote is simply a "YEAH" but the same word is played multiple times in rapid succession. Other firing noises may randomly pop up and are played over it.
  • "BOOM!"
  • "BANG!"
  • "RATATAT!"




  • The flavor text is a reference to the 1912 play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, in which the character Henry Higgins is giving elocution lessons to the main character, asking her to say: "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain".
  • The Bane is voiced by Ashly Burch, who also voices Tiny Tina.