The Bandit Technical can be customized with different skins found from random loot drops.

Picture Description Picture Description
Acid blood Acid Blood (default) Acid Net Acid Net
Alabaster Alabaster Arctic Sea Arctic Sea
Bitchin' Burl Bitchin' Burl Blood Bank Blood Bank
Bloody Eye Bloody Eye Blue Barber Blue Barber
Blue Shield Blue Shield Blue Steel Blue Steel
Brown Zebra Brown Zebra Bubblegum Bubblegum (default)
Caustic Racer Caustic Racer Char Char
Default Camo Default Camo (default) Digital Forest Digital Forest
Dimensional Dimensional Dirt Road Dirt Road (default)
Dreamtime Dreamtime Elysium Green Elsyium Green
Emerald Emerald (default) Eridium Metal Eridium Metal
Evil Candy Cane Evil Candy Cane Firemelon Red Firemelon Red
Fuschia Fusion Fuschia Fusion Granite Granite (default)
Green Dragon Green Dragon Hats Off Hats Off
Honey Hive Honey Hive Hypnosis Hypnosis
Infechnical Infechnical Inferno Inferno
Infrared Infrared Laminate Laminate
Lavender Love Lavender Love Magic Marker Magic Marker
Midnight Midnight Minty Fresh Minty Fresh
Mud Runner Mud Runner Neon Purple Neon Purple
Nova Star Nova Star Old Aluminum Old Aluminum
Onyx Onyx (default) Oxidized Oxidized
Pandora Sun Pandora Sun Peachy Peachy
Plasma Blue Plasma Blue (default) Propane Propane
Red Out Red Out Roadkill Roadkill (default)
Rocky Desert Rocky Desert Rust Bucket Rust Bucket (default)
Sapphire Sapphire Scrap Parts Scrap Parts
Sea Monster Sea Monster Skag Blood Skag Blood
Sky Runner Sky Runner Slate Slate
Spilled Paint Spilled Paint Splatter Burst Splatter Burst
Stained Glass Stained Glass Sun Bleached Sun Bleached (default)
Sun Stare Sun Stare TechnicalSpectacle Technical Spectacle
Thresher Yellow Thresher Yellow Toxic Mustard Toxic Mustard
True Turquoise True Turquoise Ultra Violet Ultra Violet
Umbra Orange Umbra Orange (default) Urban Jungle Urban Jungle
Wasp Wasp Woody Woody

Skins with Emblems

Some skins show Emblem's such as Weapon Manufacturers as part of the design such as:

  • Dahl
    • Urban Jungle - Dahl Logo on the hood
    • Digital Forest - Dahl Logo on the hood
  • Gearbox
    • Nova Star - Gearbox and the hood and Gearbox Logo in the back section
  • Jakobs
    • Brown Zebra - Jakobs Logo in back section
  • Tediore
    • Blue Barber - Tediore Logo in back section
  • Vladof
    • Onyx - Vladof symbol on the side of the back section
  • Torgue
    • Blue Steel - Torgue checkerboard on hood and rear panels, Torgue logo in bed
  • Misc
    • Plasma Blue - A 2 in a circle in the back section
    • Magic Marker - A Face on the hood and a Skull and Crossbones in the back section
    • Granite - A pair of Wings on the hood
    • Eridium Metal - Eridium Symbol on the hood
    • Lavender Love - A Vault Symbol and a sport stripe on the hood
    • Firemelon Red - A Flaming Skull on the hood
    • Blood Bank - A pair of Wings on the hood
    • Infrared - A Vault Symbol on the hood
    • Rust Bucket - A Skull and Crossbones in the back section
    • Evil Candy Cane - A 2 in a circle in the back section
    • True Turquoise - The words "BIKINI BITCHES," and a Lilith like Motif (without the tattoos) in the back section and on the hood
    • Hats Off - Scooter's Catch-A-Ride logo appears patterned in the back section and on the hood


  • On Bandit Technicals, True Turquoise features a Lilith like image in a bikini (without the tattoos).
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