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Badass Varkids are an insectoid enemy found in various locations in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3.



Borderlands 2

Badass Varkid is the third stage in the varkid evolution chain which yields a much larger, stronger and more resilient foe.

Badass Varkids are large, tough and very powerful foes. Despite having wings, they prefer to stay on the ground and attack their enemies at close range. They also possess the ability to perform a powerful charging attack that is very difficult to avoid. Badass Varkids can utilize a spit attack, but this is rarely used if the target is exposed. Furthermore, Badass Varkids possess armored carapaces that reduce damage and which can even reflect the character's shots back at them; corrosive weapons are especially effective against them.

Borderlands 3

Regardless if a Badass Varkid has been embued with an element, all variants will have the following attacks by default:

  • Sting - jabs with its abdomen
  • Projectile Barrage - launches a barrage of projectiles embued with the varkid's element
  • Charge - charges at the Vault Hunter

Voltaic Badass Varkids have an additional attack of a ground slam that creates a field of electricity when it lands.