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Badass Turret is a unique turret only found in the J-Spot area of Market District on The Spendopticon.


Badass Turrets can spawn with any element and a corresponding color scheme. For medim to long range attacks the Badass Turret is equipped with a powerful shock cannon and a rocket launcher. For the close range, it has a nozzle which shoots stream of elemental liquid/vapor or a flamethrower in the incendiary variant.


It only takes several hits by shock-charged rounds to deplete even the strongest of shields. Missile volleys are not much of a threat as missiles are not guided. Shield must be depleted before stong corrosive weapons are used.


  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode, they are renamed Badass Turret Mk II.
  • There is a bug in True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode where Badass Turret's main cannon is inoperable.