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The Badass Tink Sentry is a fully automated turret used by Children of the Vault forces.


Only Badass Tinks can construct and deploy these sentry guns. When near a scrap pile, Badass Tink will drop his weapon, whip out a large wrench and dive into the pile. Newly created sentry turret that will attack any and all enemies within the range.


Badass Tink Sentries are much tougher and more powerful version then their lesser "cousins". They are equipped with multi-barrel rocket launcher capable of firing salvos of accurate and deadly missiles. For a close range, they are equipped with a flame thrower.

All this power comes at the price in form of greatly reduced angular speed. This means that they are unable to turn around quickly enough to track fairly close and fast moving targets. Vault Hunters can take great advantage of this flaw by closing the gap as fast as possible then running circles around the sentry while shooting at them. Strong corrosive weapons should be primary choice when dealing with Badass Tink Sentries.


  • While diving into scrap piles, Badass Tinks are invulnerable to damage.
  • One Badass Tink Sentry can be found in one of the rooms at Jakobs Manor serving as static point-defense turret.