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Badass Skeletons are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are elite units and are significantly tougher than most of their companions.



Badass Skeletons are durable and wield a large shield which blocks off frontal attacks. They carry a mace, using it for either a basic melee attack or a ground slam with knockback that leaves themselves briefly vulnerable to fire.

Sometimes, more so when under attack but unable to reach the attacker, Badass Skeletons will fire their powerful eye lasers. While these beams are devastating on their own, it is compensated by the attack's slow rotation speed and strafing is more than enough to simply avoid it.

Despite their appearances, Badass Skeletons are not considered armored enemies like a usual Armored Skeleton, and still retain their fire resistance, so they can only be dealt effectively with explosive or non-elemental weapons.