Badass Skeletons are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are elite units and are significantly tougher than most of their companions.



Badass Skeletons are heavily armored and wield a large shield. The shield can deflect bullets and when placed in front of the skeleton it is impervious to frontal attack. In addition to the shield, Badass Skeletons carry a large mace which they use as a melee weapon. Badass Skeltons have a basic melee attack with their mace and a more powerful ground-pound attack. The Badass Skeleton smashes its mace into the ground creating a small shockwave and pushing any enemies back. However, this attack causes their mace to become stuck in the ground for a short while, leaving them open to attack.

Sometimes, more so when under attack but unable to reach the attacker, Badass Skeletons will shoot continuous laser-like beams of energy from their eyes. These beams are quite powerful and can deplete shields in very short time. However, these beams are fairly easy to avoid as angular speed at which they track the target is very low.


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