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Badass Skags are tough opponents with high health and powerful attacks. They can turn lesser skags around them into the same elemental type as themselves, increasing their threat level significantly and giving the surrounding skags immunity to a certain elemental type as well as new abilities.



Badass Skags attack mostly from medium range by launching elemental globs that burst and cause splash damage on impact. At short range, they spray in arcing sweep over a wide area that deals a lot of damage in seconds. They will also viciously claw at their target while near. They try to stay away from close combat, retreating if enemies get too close. It is best to have an elemental weapon available that opposes their own or a strong weapon with explosive rounds.

Healing up and turning


  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Super Badass (Element) Skag, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Ultimate Badass (Element) Skag.
  • When lesser skags get turned into elemental types, their names are changed as follows:
    • In Normal Mode:
      • Fire Pup / Corrosive Pup / Slagged Pup / Shock Pup
      • Fire Adult Skag / Corrosive Adult Skag / Slagged Adult Skag / Shock Adult Skag
      • Fire Spitter / Acid Spitter / Slagged Spitter / Shock Spitter
      • Fire Barfer / Corrosive Barfer / Slagged Barfer / Shock Barfer
    • In True Vault Hunter Mode:
      • Horned Fire Pup / Horned Corrosive Pup / Horned Slag Pup / Horned Shock Pup
      • Horned Fire Skag / Horned Corrosive Skag / Horned Slag Skag / Horned Shock Skag
      • Fire Hawker / Acid Hawker / Slagged Hawker / Shock Hawker
      • Vomitous Fire Barfer / Vomitous Corrosive Barfer / Vomitous Slag Barfer / Vomitous Shock Barfer
    • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode:
      • Barbed Fire Pup / Barbed Corrosive Pup / Barbed Slag Pup / Barbed Shock Pup
      • Barbed Fire Skag / Barbed Corrosive Skag / Barbed Slag Skag / Barbed Shock Skag
      • Salivating Fire Skag / Salivating Corrosive Skag / Salivating Slagged Skag / Salivating Shock Skag
      • Fire Yacker / Corrosive Yacker / Slagged Yacker / Shock Yacker