Badass Shugguraths are large bulbous flying cephalopods with tentacle-like limbs that are native to Elpis, specifically to Triton Flats.



Badass Shugguraths are incendiary-based. Their attacks won't cause an incendiary damage-over-time in most areas of Triton Flats due to the location being largely in vacuum, but this is made up by their attacks being highly damaging. They have more health than other Shugguraths and have smaller critical hit locations. They are distinguishable by their red coloring, shorter tentacles and large spiky growths on the back of their body that have the vague appearance of a rudimentary crown. They spawn Smoldering Rathyds and Badass Rathyds.


  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Shuggurath Overlord, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Shuggurath Tyrant.
  • Alhough incendiary-based, they occasionally drop corrosive land-mines which either explode on contact or after certain period of time.

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