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Badass Shock Loaders are enemies encountered in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC for Borderlands 3.



Badass Shock Loaders dual wield SMGs and have a large beam cannon mounted on top of their bodies. This cannon has three modes:

  • shock stream sprayed in a straight line
  • large shock orb which explodes on impact leaving a large puddle on the ground
  • several smaller shock orbs in a quick succession

If enemy gets close enough, they attack with an over-the-shoulder melee bash with their primary weapon or with a leg kick.

They have reinforced joints to prevent their limbs from being shot off, making their optical sensor the only critical hit location. They also cannot launch grenades as both of their arms are occupied.

Badass Shock Loaders are never equipped with shields and are vulnerable to corrosive damage.