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Badass Ramtauruses are a large species of Saurian found exclusively in the Cistern of Slaughter during the final round.



Badass Ramtauruses are largely similar to Ramtauruses and share many of the same moves. Similar to Ramtauruses, they are flesh enemies on Normal Mode, but are armored on True Vault Hunter Mode. Badass Ramtauruses have the following attacks:

  • Bite - close-range melee attack.
  • Tail swing - a 360° swing of its tail.
  • Charge - a running headbutt in a straight line towards the Vault Hunter that throws them into the air. It is elementally charged as shock, speeds up the longer it goes and electrifies a body of water.
  • Spike Throw - Throws large explosive spikes from its and are planted into the ground if it misses.

While charging, they are immune to shock damage


  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode, it is renamed to Badass Ceratops.
  • Though it doesn't appear elementally charged with shock, it will disintegrate as if it were electrocuted when it dies.