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Badass Pyre Threshers are very large threshers in Borderlands 2 elementally charged with fire.



Badass Pyre threshers deploy a large number of tentacles, each flinging fireballs at their targets or swatting at them if they are nearby. Additionally, a Pyre Thresher generates a devastating fire nova with a very large radius every time it surfaces, dealing damage over a large area to anything it is hostile to. They use this attack often, and as such they are capable of quickly downing a Vault Hunter. Badass Pyre threshers cannot be set on fire, and strongly resist incendiary weapons.

A good strategy to fight a Badass Pyre Thresher is to leave his tentacles for Second Winds, especially if fought in the open. If possible staying in a place where the Thresher cannot go, such as inside a cabin, will make the fight a lot easier since it will protect the Vault Hunter from the dangerous fire nova it causes while surfacing.

Because Pyre thresher mainly appears in a few locations like the last wave of round 5 in Creature Slaugher Dome, Caustic Caverns, 2nd bottle of asprin or retrieving the last echo of Tannis in The Highlands, its best to be prepared for a full on fight. Because Pyre thresher resist fire damage, having a high powered Jakobs or Torgue assault rifle or shotgun really helps to take out a Pyre before it gets a chance to cripple the vault hunter or from FFYL mode in case the nova already did the damage. Also, when fighting a Pyre either take it out before it burrows itself (and deliver a fatal nova the next time it resurfaces) or run away ignoring the Pyre all together.

Notable Specimens

  • Fire Crak'n is one of the five unique "fishing treshers" appearing in Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.