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Badass Lunatics are large buzz-axe-wielding Scavs that frequent scav camps in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are primarily melee attackers and never carry guns, relying on the accuracy of their buzz-axe throws for long-range combat. They are identifiable by two metal extensions attached to their forearms that let off shock sparks, though they are incapable of actually causing shock damage.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Badass Lunatics run erratically into melee range in order to flay their targets with the buzz-axes they wield. However, if a Badass Lunatic cannot reach his target, he will instead throw his buzz-axe with near pinpoint accuracy. This attack is also occasionally performed in normal combat.

When at a distance from their targets, Badass Lunatics commonly use leap attacks to get in close whilst simultaneously harming and knocking back their targets. They are also capable of using powerful slam attacks identical to the slams Vault Hunters can perform using their Oz kits.


  • Badass Lunatics are renamed Unleashed Badass Lunatics in True Vault Hunter Mode and Rampaging Badass Lunatics in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

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