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Badass Loaders are powerful weapons of war within Hyperion's robot ranks.




Badass Loaders are a combination of a WAR Loader, a SGT Loader and an RPG Loader, as they possess the twin incendiary autocannons of the WAR loader, the back-mounted missile racks of an RPG loader, and the dual-wielded weapons of a SGT loader. Like regular loaders, their arm and leg joints are exposed and can be shot off to reduce their threat level. Also, like all loaders, their eye is another weak point and they are vulnerable to corrosive damage.

They will continue firing at their targets even if they get behind a cover. Their primary weapons have mandatory 10-seconds cooldown period during which they will use secondary weapons or back-mounted missile launchers.

Rusted Badass Loader

Rusted Badass Loaders (?) featured in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, are heavily damaged units with back-mounted rocket packs and the twin incendiary autocannons removed. As units beyond economical repair, they have ended up in The Compactor. They feature various pieces of scrap metal strapped to their bodies, giving individual units slightly different appearances.