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Badass Iron Golems are a type of golem enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Fashioned from hard iron, these metal behemoths are a rare sight in the Mines of Avarice.



Badass Iron Golems are large and formidable opponents. When attacking they can accelerate to a charging run. Once they are within range of their opponent, they can employ a varied array of attacks, from a basic melee strike, to a series of ranged attacks. The spiked ball on its arm can be launched at targets, and if it hits it will induce a stun effect, reducing the victim's movement to a slow walking speed.

Badass Iron Golems are heavily armoured, and the central core that might otherwise be a vulnerable critical hit point, is covered most of the time by a metal breastplate, making it impervious to attack from the front. This does not hold true for the rear of the golem, and the core is also briefly exposed at the front during one of the golem's melee strikes. Their only other weakness is corrosive damage on their tough metal skin.

Iron GOD

The Badass Iron Golem can increase its own level by killing other enemies. In order to activate the golem's ascension, the glowing core at the center of its torso must be destroyed. Once this occurs, its name becomes prefixed with "Unbound" and the golem will fly into a rampage and attack anything around it.

At Overpower level 8, a Badass Iron Golem will spawn at level 82. Once unbound, it will begin to level up by killing the surrounding Orcs, spiders and dwarfs. It will rank up via the following prefixes:

  • 83 - 84: Reckless Iron Golem
  • 85 - 88: Nasty Iron Golem
  • 89 - 91: Imposing Iron Golem
  • 92: Iron GOD

At level 92, the Iron GOD will boast a 99.2% damage reduction, making it extremely robust against all forms of attack.