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Badass Hags are large enemies enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. With their huge bodies covered in armor and large cannons attached to both of their arms, Badass Hags are hard to miss even within the largest of COV groups.



Badass Hags are slow moving and tend to keep their distance while firing their cannons. Cannons launch large mines either in groups of three, or in a horizontal spread of seven. Mines detonate on contact or after certain period of time. Unless cornered, these mines pose little threat as are very easy to dodge or detonate by shooting them.

If within melee range, Badass Hags will swing their massive left arms in an upward hook punch. They can shock charge their cannons pressing them against the ground, and then releasing a powerful shockwave which not only damages shields but has a strong knock-back effect.

Badass Hags have very strong armor but wear no shields. Stripping the armor with a strong corrosive weapon is priority before using incendiary weapons.