Badass Gourmands are Goliath enemies working for the Eridium Cartel under The Burnt Ends.



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  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Badass Glutton.
  • In Normal Mode its name progresses as: Badass Gourmand, Raging Badass Gourmand, Super Raging Badass Gourmand, Mega Raging Badass Gourmand, Ultimate Raging Badass Gourmand, Badass GOD-Liath Gourmand
  • In TVHM/Mayhem Mode: Badass Glutton, Raging Badass Glutton, Super Raging Badass Glutton, Mega Raging Badass Glutton, Ultimate Raging Badass Glutton, Badass GOD-Liath Glutton.


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