Badass Goliath is enemy encountered in Borderlands 2.



Badass Goliath is a large, even more muscle-bound goliath that wields a huge minigun instead of two rifles. They are deadly when fought on lower levels, especially when enraged. Their minigun, however, is quite weak at long range, useful to players who prefer sniping. When enraged, badass goliaths can dish out heavy hitting melee attacks. Badass goliaths are not quite as dangerous as Loot Goon Goliaths, but can level up just as quickly due to the damage of their melee attacks.


  • Heavy Goliath is a version of Badass Goliath that appear exclusively in the Bandit Slaughter. In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are replaced by Mega Goliaths, which behave in the same manner.

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