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Badass Frontrunners are dog-like combat robots encountered in Borderlands 3.



Badass Frontrunners are found in most areas with Maliwan troops. Their task is to roam the batllefields, harras the enemies and draw their attention away from the more valuable targets. They are tougher and more dangerous variant of regular Frontrunners, with stronger shields and heavier armor. In adittion to Frontrunner's attacks, they have a weapon, typically a Maliwan SMG, attached to top of their shoulders. Independent target acquisition and guidance system keeps these weapons trained at the targets even while Badass Frontrunners are on the move or biting and clawing their victims. They can also project a force field in front of them which deflects most of the incoming fire.
Badass Frontrunners are always equipped with shields therefore shock weapons should be used first to strip them down before corrosive weapons are used.