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Badass Fire Archers are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are heavily armored knights who are skilled with a bow.



Badass Fire Archers are significantly tougher than their weaker cousin. Badass Fire Archers will always fight from a distance and are highly accurate with their bows. Badass Archers are similar to regular Archers in several ways. They primarily attack from a distance using bows that fire arrows in a long arching trajectory. The damage output for each arrow is quite high, although this is offset by a slow rate for fire, and a slow projectile speed that makes them relatively easy to evade at long range. The arrows have a significant impact and any character sprinting towards an archer will be momentarily halted when hit by one. However, Badass Fire Archers' arrows are incendiary and deal fire damage. In addition to single arrows, Badass Fire Archers have the ability to shoot multiple arrows at once. They can shoot multiple arrows to form a flaming wall of arrows or shoot a single arrow which splits into more arrows.

Badass Fire Archers are armored, which means they are resistant to gunfire and fire damage. However, this leaves them vulnerable to corrosive damage.