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Badass Chromatic Rakks are badass-class enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.



High health, heavy damage, and ability to become imbued with random element makes Badass Chromatic Rakks very formidable oponents. They switch to another element at regular intervals releasing a powerful elemental nova when they do. If fired upon with elemental weapon, they become immune to element of that weapon as well. In addition, they become completely immune to bullets from weapons with the elements they are immune to.
Badass Chromatic Rakks make strafing runs where they shoot constant elemental beam or up to 3 elemental orbs per second. Just one hit either from the elemental beam or from tail talon can take large portion of health or even down the target.
There are several ways of taking them down:

  • Strong non-elemental weapons are the best choice as they don't make them immune.
  • Making them immune to two elements and then use weapons with elements they are not immune to.
  • They tend to aggressively defend immediate area of their colony, so retreating to a safe distance where from they can be shot at with minimal to no danger of retaliation. Once the attacker moves away, Badass Chromatic Rakks tend to hover shooting elemental orb to a random spot making themselves easy targets.