Bad Touch is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Maliwan. It is given as a reward from Moxxi for providing tips.

Special Weapon Effects

When I'm good, I'm very good... – Always corrosive. +70% critical hit damage. While wielding this gun, dealing damage (from any damage, either the gun itself, special abilities or grenades) causes health regeneration (2% of damage inflicted).

Usage & Description

The Bad Touch features a unique skin with a picture of Moxxi on the magazine. Bad Touch is an extremely powerful variant of the Maliwan Venom submachine gun, with high damage and elemental damage. It is a particularly good weapon for Siren builds, since their class mod bonuses to submachine guns and elemental damage serve to make the already powerful weapon even better.


  • The weapon's full title in the game files is "Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch"; however, "Miss Moxxi's" is treated as a prefix by the game engine and can be replaced with other prefixes.
  • In co-op, Moxxi can only award this weapon once per visit to Sanctuary. If subsequent players tip sufficiently to be awarded the Bad Touch (or Good Touch, it happens with both), she will give the award dialog and the tip jar will lock, but she will not start the animation of offering the weapon. Tipping Moxxi further on the next visit to Sanctuary will allow the player to get the weapon they missed out on.
  • The flavor text, along with the text from Good Touch, refers to a line in the Mae West movie, I'm No Angel. The line itself is a reference to a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • Players may leave the bar area without picking up the gun and revisit. Moxxi will still offer one when enough money has been spent and can be repeated until the gun is taken.
  • Before completing a Dam Fine Rescue, a player can be awarded a second Bad Touch.


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