Bad Reception is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Claptrap. It becomes available after Cult Following is complete.


"Claptrap is totally miserable because he lost his beloved antenna! Help him feel complete again by finding an array of replacement options."



  • Search old laundry
    • Open trap door
    • Collect wire hanger
  • Search satellite tower
    • Destroy satellite dish
    • Collect antenna
  • Search Sid's Stop
    • Speak to Sid
    • Destroy Sid's satellite dish
    • Destroy second dish
    • Destroy final dish
    • Speak to Sid
    • Kill Sid
    • Collect tinfoil hat
  • Search Spark's Cave
    • Collect spork
  • Search old shack
    • Collect umbrella
  • Give items to Claptrap



Turn In: Claptrap


Mission items:

  • Antenna
  • Spork
  • Wire Hanger
  • Umbrella

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