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Bad Maw is a Nomad Torturer who guards the entrance to Bloodshot Stronghold.


Flanksteak, the leader of the Bloodshots, posted Bad Maw as the guardian, and key keeper, of Bloodshot Stronghold's front gate. After a sufficient number of bandits have been killed in the vicinity of the gate, Flanksteak will come over the ECHO and request that Bad Maw enter the fray to deal with the threat. Bad Maw's arrival is heralded by a cutscene that shows the Bloodshot Stronghold's drawbridge coming down and Bad Maw leaping from the inside of the stronghold out into the courtyard to attack.



Bad Maw behaves like most other Nomad Torturers with the only differences being his size, health pool, damage dealt, and the number of midgets he has strapped onto his shield. Since Maw has 18 times more health than other nomads the fight with him may be difficult when undertaken an early level.

Heavy use of Action Skills will assist greatly in the fight. Phaselock can disable Bad Maw for some time to damage him while Sabre Turret, Deathtrap, and Decepti0n can be useful for flanking around his shield. It is also a good idea to throw grenades at Bad Maw while always maintaining a safe distance from Bad Maw's shotgun and, more importantly, his shield charge. Any barrels that survived the clearing of bandits from the yard can also be helpful in killing him.


Bad Maw's midgets can also be used against him once freed from his shield as they will not be very happy with their torturer for chaining them up and will promptly attack him. Downed characters can unload on the shield for some relatively easy Second Winds. Either of these choices will open up the gaping hole that is standard in Torturer shields and make damaging Bad Maw easier.

Another possible strategy is to use the Catch-A-Ride outside of the gate to get a Bandit Technical with the Catapult, keep a safe distance, and unload when he comes near the gate.


  • Bad Maw's midgets are named Hubert, Dubert, and Lubert. This is a reference to Donald Duck's three nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie.