Bad Hair Day is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Sir Hammerlock. It becomes available after Cleaning Up the Berg is complete.



Collect bullymong fur.
  • Pick up Bullymong hair: 0/4
  • Return to Hammerlock
  • Return to Claptrap


Bullymong hair samples are retrieved by killing bullymongs with melee attacks. While any damage can be used to harm the bullymongs, the killing blow must be delivered by a melee attack for the fur to be dropped. Locations where bullymongs congregate are marked on the map with large circles.

While collecting the fur, Claptrap will request that he be the recipient of the fur in exchange for a shotgun, which is then countered by another transmission from Hammerlock offering a sniper rifle.


"The fur has been deliveried, and you received a new weapon! A good day for everyone! Except the bullymongs. But screw those guys."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock or Claptrap


  • Hammerlock will give a Jakobs sniper rifle while Claptrap will give a Torgue shotgun.
  • If the character goes to refight Knuckle Dragger while this mission is active and Knuckle Dragger has been sufficiently weakened, Sir Hammerlock will tell the character to finish her off with a melee attack like he will with other bullymongs. However, Knuckle Dragger cannot drop bullymong fur.
  • Any bullymongs killed by Savage Lee will drop its fur as his axe attacks are registered as melee damage.

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