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BUL Loader is a tier 3 pet skill in FL4K's Trapper skill tree.
FL4K's ION Loader upgrades into an BUL Loader, discarding its sniper rifle and equipping a Shotgun. FL4K's BUL Loader also gains increased Damage Resistance and a powerful Roundhouse Melee Attack. While accompanied by the BUL Loader, FL4K's Shield Capacity is increased.
When FL4K issues an Attack Command, the BUL Loader briefly turns into a Buldozer to charge at enemies and knock them up.


  • Shield Capacity: +20.00%


  • The Bul Loader does not grant FL4K any extra shield capacity when using the Barbaric Yawp skill. This is a bug shared with the WAR Loader, which doesn't grant increased fire rate when using Barbaric Yawp.
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