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BUL Loaders are a type of Hyperion loader in Borderlands 2. Structurally they are very similar to GUN Loaders, but carry a large bulldozer blade on their left arm like a metal shield and a powerful shotgun on their right. BUL Loaders will occasionally ram its targets with the blade.




Bulldozer form

BUL Loaders have an impenetrable shield on their left arm and a powerful rifle held in the right hand. They are generally slow-moving, but have an ability to transform themselves into a miniature bulldozer and hurtle forward in a ramming attack. They are able to steer towards targets during the charge, and generally jumping over them is a common method to evade this.

If the gun arm is shot off, BUL Loaders will lower their shields to attack with a shock blast from their optic sensor. This form of attack is also used periodically under normal circumstance with the gun still attached. If damage is dealt to their gun arm joint (without destroying it) the loader will rotate and extend its shield to cover the joint, but exposing its leg joints in the process. Shooting off the shield arm disables their charge attack. An effective way to deal with BUL Loaders is to destroy their gun arm with a high-powered sniper rifle, and then target its shield arm once it starts charging its eye blast. BUL Loaders cannot have their legs shot off. However, they are still critical hit locations (although they are not highlighted by B0re).


  • Destroying a BUL Loader contributes to the Load and Lock challenge in the challenge list.