BFFFs is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary.


"Brick needs help getting Mordecai a present.
Aw, that's nice. They're good bros.
The extra F stands for... actually, you figure it out."



  • Kill Lt. Bolson
  • Collect Lt. Bolson's rifle parts
  • Kill Lt. Angvar
  • Collect Lt. Angvar's rifle parts
  • Kill Lt. Tetra
  • Collect Lt. Tetra's rifle parts
  • Kill Lt. Hoffman
  • Collect Lt. Hoffman's rifle parts
  • Bring the rifle parts
  • Grab Mordecai's gift
  • Give gift to Mordecai


Lt. Bolson is located in the northwest section of Dahl Abandon, north of the Fast-Travel Station. A number of infected enemies will spawn once the fight starts. In close-mid range, Bolson will use his flamethrower, much like a New Pandora Pyro. Occasionally he will throw a grenade very similar to the Antifection. Most of his damage is incendiary. Once his shield has been depleted, the fuel tank on his back can be damaged. After taking enough damage, the fuel tank will explode, killing Bolson instantly. The Infected Goliaths can be turned into raging Goliaths, who can serve as a distraction.

Lt. Angvar is located in the north section of The Burrows. From the Fast-Travel Station, the Vault Hunter must go past the gate to the west, then climb up the structures. There is a walkway connected to a tunnel, beyond which is the path leading to Angvar. Angvar operates like a New Pandora Commander, his main weapon is a pistol, but it's always a legendary variant, meaning a couple of well placed hits will easily bring the Vault Hunter into Fight For Your Life mode. He also has a sword which he will use for melee attacks.

Lt. Tetra is located in the southeast section of Helios Fallen. An Autocannon turret and Loader Bots will spawn as the Vault Hunter enters this area. Tetra operates like a New Pandora Infectologist and his gun is always corrosive.

Lt. Hoffman is located in the northwest section of Mt. Scarab Research Center. Hoffman operates like a Badass New Pandora Sniper and is likely the most challenging of the four lieutenants. His shield has a short delay and a very fast recharge rate. As long as his shield is up, he will be near invisible most of the time, only except when he is shooting. He usually spawns with a purple rarity Vladof Droog which is deadly due to its high damage and fire rate.

As all four lieutenants have very high shield capacity and health, powerful shock and incendiary weapons will be effective against them.

After the four rifle parts are turned in to Brick, he will make a gift for Mordecai. After the Vault Hunter brings the gift to Mordecai, they can return to Brick to complete the mission.


"Sweet rifle. Sweet bird friend. Sweet BFFs. So sweet."

Turn In: Brick


  • Mission item: Rifle Parts - "Building a better gun, brick by brick."
  • Mission item: Gift For Mordecai - "Don't open it, it's not yours."
  • The mission can only be started once the DLC story missions are completed. Additionally, the side mission My Brittle Pony must be completed so that Brick, Tiny Tina, and Butt Stallion can return to The Backburner.

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