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The BAR-TNK is a Hyperion robot created by Patricia Tannis. She created this machine to be used at the Digistruct Peak training ground for the Crimson Raiders.

This is a modified version of the SPR-TNK. Instead of a loader torso, the BAR-TNK has a very large missile pod. The other difference is the legs have a shield like a BUL Loader's, but is scaled larger to cover its legs.



The BAR-TNK's missile pod can be shot off, like limbs on other Loaders. It also counts as an enemy, so when downed, the missile pod can be destroyed to get a second wind. This enemy is resistant to Slag, Incendiary, Explosive, and Shock damage. However it can be slagged normally.


  • The alias "BAR-TNK" appears to stand for "Barrage Tank", alluding to its missile attacks.

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