B0re is a tier 3 skill in Zer0's Sniping skill tree. It allows his bullets to pierce through enemies, and grants massive bonus damage if the shot hits an enemy after piercing an enemy. B0re does not work with rockets and some special projectiles. While in Decepti0n, B0re also highlights enemy critical hit locations.


  • Bonus Damage Per Enemy Pierced: +100%
  • Enemy critical locations highlighted in Decepti0n.


  • Critical spots always have a number or word next to them; these numbers and words often reference internet slang, such as 1337, LOL, and GTFO.
  • B0re works with most gyrojet projectiles from Torgue weapons (except for the Torpedo, which fires rockets). This even works on the Flakker, even though getting the projectiles to B0re is exceedingly difficult.
  • The splash damage from Torgue and Maliwan weapons is applied on every impact. It does not provide any piercing or bonus damage for some E-tech weapons.
  • As B0re's damage bonus is multiplicative, the damage output of a single projectile can be massive if it passes through multiple hitboxes. Due to this, certain enemies can be killed with very few (or even a single) shot from any gun that B0re applies to. Well known examples are BNK-3R, Hyperius the Invincible and 010011110100110101000111010101110101010001001000 as they and their turrets/minions have multiple overlapping hitboxes that allows the damage to multiply several times.
  • B0re is a highly effective skill against spiderants. If there are spiderants in a group or a row (which happens fairly often as they usually spawn together), it is possible to kill all of them with one shot. This is because the spiderant's body design is shaped in an arch, thus allowing bullets to exit and re-enter the body, and deal an extra 100% damage to the weak point. The same works for any subsequent spiderants behind it.
  • If a player respecs Zer0's skills after taking B0re, the effects of this skill may still be active whether or not it is taken again. This lasts for the rest of the session.
  • B0re allows bullets to pass through surveyor and constructor reflector shields, as well as the ones used by Hyperius the Invincible and his minions. PWR Loaders that have their arms spun up will also be unable to reflect the bullets. B0re bypasses most, if not all, forms of bullet reflection, including that of Jackenstein and Badassasaurus Rex.
  • Thresher varieties that can project tentacles up through the ground, such as the feeler thresher and Old Slappy, can be severely damaged by B0re shots fired through the tentacles into their main body. Coupled with the number of critical points along most threshers' heads, a properly lined-up shot can destroy most common threshers in a very short time.
  • The Twister is extremely effective with B0re as the whirlwind pattern can cause the pellets to exit and re-enter enemies multiple times.

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