The Avenger is a pearlescent Combat Rifle manufactured by Tediore.

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Special Weapon Effects

Uncommon Power - High zoom, +50% critical hit damage, single shot, slow ammo regeneration.


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Drop Guide

The Avenger has a chance to drop from Badass Desperadoes, Badass Engineers, and Badass Infantry. Like all pearlescents, the Avenger can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.


  • An Intense Avenger gets two 50% critical hit damage bonuses - one from the accessory, one from the sight. This stacks to give +100% critical hit damage.
  • The Avenger is the second Tediore combat rifle that regenerates ammo, preceded by the orange Tediore Guardian.
    • The Avenger has additional special weapon effects, but regenerates ammo at a lower rate compared to the Guardian.

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