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Ava is a supporting character in Borderlands 3.


Ava is a teenage girl who found her way to Athenas after the death of her family as a stowaway on a merchant ship. Ava had a solitary life and lived in poverty, taking shelter in sewage facilities.

She soon encountered Maya and plotted to steal something from her. However, she was caught in the act and Maya, predicting that she would become a siren in the future, took her in as her apprentice.


Ava is first mentioned by Maya when the Vault Hunters visit Athenas to reclaim the Promethean Vault Key. Maya assigned her to guard a library, but fearing her death, she sends the Vault Hunters to check on Ava. They find her looting dead Maliwan riot troopers, and searched various tombs for the eridium required by Maya while holding off Maliwan units and ratches. With Captain Traunt slain and Athenas saved, Maya takes her aboard Sanctuary III.

Despite her demands to accompany Maya and the Vault Hunters to The Forgotten Basilica, Maya ordered her to stay with Lilith, of which she begrudgingly agrees. However, as they enter the Vault, Lilith reports Ava missing, only for their ECHO call to quickly cut off. With The Rampager defeated, Ava unexpectedly shows up, leading to Maya scolding her. Troy and Tyreen Calypso appear after the Vault was looted and take Ava hostage. Maya attempts to bargain for Ava using Troy, but Troy leeches her, killing Maya. After the Calypsos leave, Tannis instructs the Vault Hunters to take Ava aboard Sanctuary III. She lashes out at Lilith for sending Maya down in the Vault before rushing into her bunk and crying. Optionally, the Vault Hunters can talk to her, resulting in them trying to comfort Ava.

During The Great Vault, Ava along with several Atlas soldiers storm the COV Cathedral and raid the vault hidden behind it. The Vault Hunters slay Troy, causing Maya's powers to pass onto Ava as a result. They then return to Sanctuary III after surviving Tyreen's attempt on their lives. She also appears on Nekrotafeyo along with Tannis and Lilith while they try to activate The Machine before Tyreen foils their plans. She last appears on Destroyer's Rift after the Vault Hunters kill Tyreen, and along with Patricia Tannis, witness Lilith's self-sacrifice to save Pandora and Elpis.



  • "Ugh, it's sticky! Why is it sticky? Ugh monks are so weird."




  • Due to her prominent role in Maya's (one of the most popular characters of the franchise) death, Ava's reception is generally negative.