Auto-Loader is a tier 3 skill in Salvador's Gun Lust skill tree. After killing an enemy, all of the guns that you have equipped, but not wielded, automatically have their magazines reloaded.

Special Skill Text

"Reloading is for chumps!"


  • The automatic reload triggers Locked and Loaded after a weapon switch. As long as the character doesn't die, exit the session, or use Fast Travel, Auto-Loader will persist infinitely until you switch weapons, allowing for strategic use of this synergy during intense battles such as Raid Bosses, given that kills can be consistently scored.
  • With this skill, one can shoot a weapon with a projectile that lingers for a long time, switch to another weapon, and if the projectile from the first weapon gets a kill, Auto-Load will trigger and reload the first weapon. This can easily be seen with the Hive as it takes the longest amount of time before its projectile takes effect, but it can occur with any weapon with a slow enough projectile, given fast enough weapon switch.

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