August is a character who appears in Tales from the Borderlands.


August is a bandit on Pandora and the son of a powerful bandit boss, Vallory. He purchases a fake Vault Key from Fiona and strikes a deal with Hyperion executive Vasquez to sell it to him. However, the proceedings break down when the Vault Key breaks during the exchange, and Hyperion envoys Rhys and Vaughn flee the premises along with Fiona and her sister. He reappears at the Atlas facility in Old Haven, trying to take custody of Gortys, and spends a great deal of time and energy chasing the group and trying to recover her.

If the player didn't blame August for the Vault Key deal in Episode 3, and stayed on his good side in later events, he will be available for the final fight against the Traveler in Episode 5. His attack against The Traveler is made up of hand-to-hand boxing techniques, and ending with a dual rocket punch.




  • When August takes control of Gortys in Episode 5, he fires both fists at The Traveler as a rocket punch. However, moments earlier, Gortys informs Rhys that she is unable to accomplish this. This may be explained by Gortys only being able to copy the techniques of it's pilot, and Rhys had no idea of how to perform such an act.
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