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Atlas, At Last is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"Our pal Rhys has finally invited us to check out Atlas HQ. Despite losing Rhys-ball, the Atlas CEO seems in high spirits. The tide of the war is turning! Nothing could possibly go wrong..."



  • Wait while Claptrap phones Rhys
  • Listen to Rhys
  • Go to Meridian Metroplex
  • Head to secret Atlas HQ entrance
  • Speak with Liam and wait for him to open the door
  • Get Vault Key fragment from Rhys
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Destroy nullhound inhibiting turrets
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Head to final defense control
  • Destroy nullhounds inhibiting turrets
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Hold off Maliwan forces
  • Take elevator to Rhys' office
  • Meet Rhys in his office
  • Defeat Katagawa Jr.
  • Meet up with Rhys
  • Choose to keep 'stache
  • Choose to lose 'stache
  • Collect Vault Key fragment


The Maliwan forces are not too much different from previous missions. Prolific use of shock and incendiary weapons can help to wear them down, with corrosive ones used on the Nullhounds and non-elementals for Elemental Heavies (specifically incendiary and shock varieties).

Contrary to most bosses, Katagawa isn't too durable, with a very weak shield and above average health. Finding him among a number of his clones would occupy most of the fight, as the sheer number drastically reduces the chances of finding the real one. One should take note that Katagawa's clones are incapable of deploying smoke screens. Avoid shooting the targets as the water may create shock elemental pools and deplete shields, while Katagawa rarely even wanders into them. Cover is sparse, so Vault Hunters should keep on the move to minimize the chances of these clones hitting them. If Katagawa does appear alone after his clones vanish, quickly inflict some burst damage. After losing most of his health, Katagawa would usually spawn near the entry point of the arena and will no longer spawn clones, allowing him to be easily finished off, though beware of his dangerous katana, as he can inflict extreme damage at close range.

When Katagawa is killed, simply find Rhys and Zer0 to reclaim the Vault key fragment.


Turn In: Rhys

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  • At the end of the quest, after the player makes a choice about the 'stache, a text box will appear saying "Rhys will remember that.", a nod to the phrase "X will remember that" in Tales from the Borderlands and other games by Telltale Games.