Atlas, At Last is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"Our pal Rhys has finally invited us to check out Atlas HQ. Despite losing Rhys-ball, the Atlas CEO seems in high spirits. The tide of the war is turning! Nothing could possibly go wrong..."



  • Wait while Claptrap phones Rhys
  • Listen to Rhys
  • Go to Meridian Metroplex
  • Head to secret Atlas HQ entrance
  • Speak with Liam and wait for him to open the door
  • Get Vault Key fragment from Rhys
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Destroy nullhound inhibiting turrets
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Head to final defense control
  • Destroy nullhounds inhibiting turrets
  • Reboot defense cannons
  • Hold off Maliwan forces
  • Take elevator to Rhys' office
  • Meet Rhys in his office
  • Defeat Katagawa Jr.
  • Meet up with Rhys
  • Choose to keep 'stache
  • Choose to lose 'stache
  • Collect Vault Key fragment



Turn In: Rhys

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  • At the end of the quest, after the player makes a choice about the 'stache, a text box will appear saying "Rhys will remember that.", a nod to the phrase "X will remember that" in Tales from the Borderlands and other games by Telltale Games.
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