Athena Set Up Us The Bomb is a story mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Athena.


"You have the access code to the armory. You now need to meet with Athena to see if she's built the detonator that will activate the bombs in the weapons depot."


Athena Set Up Us The Bomb

Athena Set Up Us The Bomb

Video walkthrough


Get the detonator from the Athena.
  • Detonator acquired


The mission is accomplished by simply picking up the detonator in front of Athena.


"Code: Check. Detonator: Check. Armory here I come."

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  • Text of Detonator item: A detonator device specially encoded to activate Crimson Lance munitions when wired into the Atlas computer network.


  • The mission name is adapted from the line, "Somebody set up us the bomb," one of the poorly translated lines from Zero Wing that appears in the All Your Base meme.
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