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Athena Customization

A total of 19 heads and 109 skins can be unlocked for Athena.

Default Heads

Heads that come unlocked with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to begin customization.


Shadow Peeps.jpg

Shadow Peeps
Omega Rouge.jpg

Omega Rogue

Unlockable Heads (Main Game)

Tradable heads that can be unlocked through gameplay.

Bounty Hunter(head).jpg
Bounty Hunter
Mission reward from The Voyage of Captain Chef
Eagle's Shroud.jpg
Eagle's Shroud
Mission reward from Cleanliness Uprising
Rank 5 Death From Above challenge
Life Support.jpg
Life Support
Rare drop from RedBelly
Rare drop from The Bosun
Tech Ninja.jpg
Tech Ninja
Rare drop from Colonel Zarpedon or The Empyrean Sentinel
Gynoid Agent.jpg
Gynoid Agent
During story mode only, rare drop from Felicity Rampant
Champion od Eleeser.jpg
Champion of Eleseer
Mission reward from The Beginning of the End
Herald of the Eridian Night (athena).jpg
Herald of the Eridian Night
Mission reward from The Bestest Story Ever Told (on true Vault Hunter mode)

Unlockable Heads (DLC Content)

Tradable heads unlocked through DLC gameplay

Guardian Teeth.jpg
Guardian Teeth
Mission reward from Digistructed Madness: Round 2 in The Holodome Onslaught and can be dropped from Guardian Pondors.
Born to kill.JPG
Born to Kill
Rare drop from 5H4D0W-TP
Level Cap.jpg
Level Cap
Mission reward from You Can Stop the Music in The Nexus.
Guard of the Trickster.jpg
Guard of the Trickster
Legendary drop from 5H4D0W-TP

Other Heads

Heads unlocked through other means

Fowl Mood.jpg
Fowl Mood
SHiFT code reward on Thanksgiving 2015
Stay Frosty.jpg
Stay Frosty
SHiFT code reward on Christmas 2015
Vallory's Violence.jpg
Vallory's Violence
Reward for having a save in Tales from the Borderlands

Default Skins

Skins that come unlocked with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to begin customization.

Athena's Swiftsuit.png

Athena's Swiftsuit

Setting Sun.png

Setting Sun
Ever Red.png

Ever Red
Flawed Jewel.png

Flawed Jewel
Grass Snake.png

Grass Snake
Venom Green.png

Venom Green
Dusty Blue.png

Dusty Blue
Parade Uniform.png

Parade Uniform
Air Support.png

Air Support
Storm Break.png

Storm Break
Brown Snake.png

Brown Snake


Grunge Orange.png

Grunge Orange
Pale Raider.png

Pale Rider
Evening Out.png

Evening Out

Long Tour.png

Long Tour

Unlockable Skins (Main Game)

Tradable skins unlocked through gameplay.

Ruby Facets.png
Ruby Facets
Rank 3 Space Dead challenge
Scarlet Splash.png
Scarlet Splash
Drops from Corporal Bob
You've Got Red on You.png
You've Got Red on You
Drops from RedBelly
Rank 3 Martial Marshal challenge
Paid in Red.png
Paid in Red
Drops from Lost Legion Powersuit Noob
Valiant Green.png
Valiant Green
Mission reward from Grinders
If It Bleeds.png
If It Bleeds
Rank 3 Barrel of Laughs challenge
Drops from Tiny Destroyer
Rank 3 Nova Say Die challenge
Green Dragon.png
Green Dragon
Rank 3 A Chunk of Purest Green challenge
Rank 5 Up Unt At Zem challenge
Blue Lowlight.png
Blue Lowlight
Mission reward from DAHL Combat Training: Round 4
Crystal Clear.png
Crystal Clear
Rank 5 Battle Star challenge
From Above.png
From Above
Mission reward from Fresh Air
From Below.png
From Below
Rank 3 Drive For Miles challenge
Fevered Dream.png
Fevered Dream
Mission reward from Boomshakalaka
Killing Fields.png
Killing Fields
Rank 3 Master Chef challenge
Smart Wasp.png
Smart Wasp
Drop from Boomer
Halcyon Gold.png
Halcyon Gold
Rank 3 Splat'n'Slide challenge
Gold Dubloom.png
Gold Dubloon
drop from X-STLK-23
Splash of Orange.png
Splash of Orange
Rank 3 Crash & Burn challenge
Keen Orange.png
Keen Orange
Drop from Not Cute Badass Tork
Amber Ninja.png
Drop from Iwajira
Citrus Fade.png
Rank 3 Slayer of Titans Challenge
Muzzle Flash.png
Muzzle Flash
Drop from Rooster Booster
Aqua Marine.png
Aqua Marine
Rank 5 Comet Crash challenge
Drop from Badass Tork
Support Team.png
Support Team
Rank 5 There Can Be Only… Me challenge
Ice Cold.png
Ice Cold
Rank 3 Over The Moon challenge
Elven Armor.png
Elven Armor
Drop from Giant Shuggurath of Ice
Rank 3 Big MIRV challenge
Helios Trope.png
Helios Trope
Rank 3 Scrounging Around Challenge
Royal Guard.png
Royal Guard
Drop from Deadlift
Deceptive Violet.png
Deceptive Violet
Mission reward from Last Requests
Dark Purpose.png
Dark Purpose
Mission reward from Trouble with Space Hurps
Low Viz.png
Low Viz
Random drop from any suitable loot source
Ceremonial Whites.png
Ceremonial Whites
Drop from The Bosun
Proud Pink.png
Proud Pink
Rank 5 The Happiest Colour challenge
Pink Gleam.png
Pink Gleam
Rank 3 More Where That Came From challenge
Ninja Blush.png
Ninja Blush
Drop from Colonel Zarpedon / The Empyrean Sentinel
Window Flowers.png
Widow Flowers
Rank 3 Home Nade Cookin' challenge
Scav Rustbukkit.png
Scav Rustbukkit
Purchased From Vending Machines
Scav Oxyidyze.png
Scav Oxidyze
Rank 3 Boomstick Boogie challenge
Scav Skorch.png
Scav Skorch
Rank 5 Projectile Proliferation challenge
Dahl Fatigues.png
Dahl Fatigues
Purchased From Vending Machines
Dahl NCO.png
Dahl NCO
Drop from Felicity Rampant
Dahl Stencil.png
Dahl Stencil
Rank 5 Crouch Potato challenge
Hyperion Boldness.png
Hyperion Boldness
Purchased From Vending Machines
Hyperion Courage.png
Hyperion Courage
Rank 3 Spray Job challenge
Hyperion Defender.png
Hyperion Defender
Rank 5 Penetrating Wound challenge
Jakobs Values.png
Jakobs Values
Purchased From Vending Machines
Jakobs Ideals.png
Jakobs Ideals
Rank 3 Trigger Happy challenge
Jakobs Quality.png
Jakobs Quality
Rank 5 Gunslinger challenge
Spirit by Maliwan.png
Spirit by Maliwan
Purchased From Vending Machines
Sophistication by Maliwan.png
Sophistication by Maliwan
Rank 3 Pew Pew challenge
Solace by Maliwan.png
Solace by Maliwan
Rank 5 Some Like it Hot challenge
Tediore Economical.png
Tediore Economical
Purchased From Vending Machines
Tediore After Market.png
Tediore After Market
Rank 3 Get a Rocket up Ya challenge
Tediore Top Shelf.png
Tediore Top Shelf
Rank 5 Throw Me the Money challenge
Torgue Nitrous.png
Torgue Nitrous
Purchased From Vending Machines
Torgue Blast Point.png
Torgue Blast Point
Rank 3 Assault With a Deadly Weapon challenge
Torgue Shock Front.png
Torgue Shock Front
Rank 5 Missile Magnet challenge
Vladof Worker.png
Vladof Worker
Purchased from vending machines
Vladof Hammer.png
Vladof Hammer
Rank 3 Sharp Shooter challenge or won from Slot Machines
Vladof Comradeship.png
Vladof Comradeship
Rank 5 Ammo Eater challenge
Gearbox Athena.jpg
Gearbox employees only
Vault Hunter Prime.png
Vault Hunter Prime
Reward for having a save in Borderlands
Vault Hunter Resplendent.png
Vault Hunter Resplendent
Reward for having a save in Borderlands 2
Snick-it Whites.png
Snick-It Whites
Mission reward from The Don

Unlockable Skins (DLC Content)

Tradable skins unlocked through DLC play

Eridian Made.jpg
Eridian Made
Mission Reward from Digistructed Madness: Round 1 in The Holodome Onslaught and can be dropped from Guardian Pondors.
Dark Orchid.jpg
Dark Orchid
Drop from Teh Earworm
Rank 3 Claptomaniac challenge
Electron Warrior.jpg
Electron Warrior
Rank 5 99 Problems and a Glitch Ain't One challenge
Heather and Tartan.jpg
Heather and Tartan
Flower Power.jpg
Flower Power
Drop from The Sponx
Tartan it Up.jpg
Tartan it Up
Mission reward from Corrosion of Dignity
Drop from LootBug.awesome

Other Skins

Skins unlocked through other means. They are account-bound and cannot be traded.

Loyal in Pink.jpg Loyal in Pink
Baroness Pack
Screw the Manufacturers.jpg Screw the Manufacturers
Baroness Pack
The Spirit of Unspoken Love.jpg The Spirit of Unspoken Love
Baroness Pack
Trick or Stab.jpg
Trick or Stab
Baroness Pack
Captain Pandora.jpg Captain Pandora
Reward for purchasing Claptastic Voyage
Deadly Knightshade.jpg Deadly Knightshade
Reward for purchasing Claptastic Voyage
Be Someone Else's.jpg Be Someone Else's
Loverpalooza 2016
SHiFT Code
Gladrechaun.jpg Gladrechaun
Luck of the Zafords 2016
SHiFT Code
Spring In Her Shield.jpg Spring in Her Shield
Spring Fling 2016 SHiFT Code
Glad I Ate Ya.jpg Glad I Ate Ya
Fall 2015
SHiFT Code
Nutcracker.jpg Nutcracker
Mercenary Day 2015
SHiFT Code
Escudo de la Muerte.jpg Escudo De La Muerte
Bloody Harvest 2015
SHiFT Code
Tale of Woe.jpg Tale of Woe
Reward for having a save from Tales from the Borderlands


  • Eagle's Shroud is a reference to the Assassin's Creed series of video games. 
  • Tech Ninja is a reference to Strider Hiryu from the Strider series of video games. 
  • Gynoid Agent is a combined reference to the Terminator series of movies and Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex series of games. 
  • Born to Kill is a reference to Joker from the movie Full Metal Jacket, as he wears a similar helmet with "Born to Kill" written on it. 
  • Level Cap refers to the maximum level attainable within RPG type video games. 
  • Screw the Manufacturers gives Athena's outfit a similar color to her Atlas Assassin armor from the Secret Armory of General Knoxx, as well as how she feels about the Atlas corporation. 
  • Captain Pandora is a reference to the superhero Captain America, also referencing Athena's Aspis which is obviously similar to Steve Roger's shield. 
  • Escudo De La Muerte is Spanish and translates to "Coat of Death".