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Asteroid Belt is a unique spike shield in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Torgue. It is obtained from the mission Guardian Hunter, if the Master Poacher is killed.

Special Shield Effects

Straight from the bug homeworld. – Chance to launch a homing meteor when damaged.

Usage & Description

The Asteroid Belt is an explosive spike shield that has a chance to shoot a homing meteor when struck.


  • Non-weapon ranged energy attacks from Lost Legion Eternals will not trigger a meteor.
  • It may spawn with a Maliwan capacitor, granting immunity against shock, corrosive, fire or cryo elemental damage. It may also spawn with a Torgue capacitor, granting the Blast-Proof prefix and explosive damage reduction to its wearer.


  • The red flavor text is a reference to the 1997 movie Starship Troopers where the antagonists, the bugs, direct an asteroid from their homeworld to Earth that destroys the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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