Assault Troopers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are the standard infantry of the Maliwan corporation and are deployed as frontline soldiers wherever their leadership sees fit.

Although functionally the same, Assault Troopers encountered during the Bloody Harvest event inside The Heck Hole are renamed to "Gravedigger Trooper".



Unlike other Maliwan Troopers, Assault Troopers possess no special abilities or equipment and are only equipped with SMGs and light shields. Instead, they rely on their weaponry, tactics and numbers to defeat enemies. When engaging in battle, they will actively seek out and utilize cover, only occasionally breaking cover to either attack or find a more advantageous position.

Unless they are supporting heavier units, such as Heavy Gunners or in large numbers, Assault Troopers are not very dangerous and fairly easy to deal with. Shock weapons are highly effective at removing their shields. Once the shield is removed, Incendiary weapons can be used to quickly eliminate them.


  • Time to earn my paycheck!
  • Remember your training!
  • Get to cover!
  • Perforating this jag-off!
  • I'm bloodthirsty not stupid! (wounded)
  • Never bonus (dying)
  • Bury me with my money! (dying)
  • Bury me medals... (dying)
  • I was kind of the monster here... (dying)
  • Vault Hunters are tough as shit! (dying)
  • Guess they had superior tech... (dying)
  • I learned nothing! (dying)
  • (dying)
  • The fate of a merc... (dying)
  • Another will take my place! (dying)


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