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Assassin Wot is an optional boss, located within Southpaw Steam & Power, fought during the side mission Assassinate the Assassins. He is a marauder who appears in the company of a Badass Psycho.

He also can be fought during A History of Simulated Violence, at The Raid on Digistruct Peak.


The Vault Hunters are tasked with killing Wot, as well as his accomplices Oney, Reeth, and Rouf to prevent them from discovering Lilith's whereabouts and selling it to Hyperion.



Main article: Assassinate the Assassins


  • While dying
    • I have made a fatal error...
    • Beautiful... serenity...
    • How unforeseen...
    • It's all going blue!
    • No, but I... I feel the wind...
    • My... skin...


  • Wot is the only loot source for the unique Commerce submachine gun and has an increased chance to drop the legendary Emperor submachine gun.
  • Wot has the same voice-actor and filter to his voice as Zer0, and says some of the same lines. He has a few additional quotes, which are all said when Wot is killed.
  • Wot is resistant to shock damage. This, however, does not apply to his shields.
  • Any of the four Hyperion assassins may drop a class-specific skin.


  • Wot's name is an anagram of the word "two". All four assassins have names that are based on the numbers one through four.