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Assassin Oney is an optional boss, located within Southpaw Steam & Power, fought during the side mission Assassinate the Assassins. Oney is a nomad with a mounted shield, who wields a shotgun and occasionally throws grenades.


The Vault Hunters are tasked with killing Oney, as well as his accomplices Wot, Reeth, and Rouf to prevent them from discovering Lilith's whereabouts and selling it to Hyperion.



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  • Oney is the only source for the Judge and has an increased chance to drop the Emperor.
  • Oney is one of the few enemies that are resistant to explosive damage.


  • As revealed by Tannis in the Digistruct Peak Challenge, Oney and the other assassins are all named after the numbers one, two, three and four. However, whereas the others' names are anagrams of their respective numbers, Oney's name is simply "one" with a 'y' added to the end.
  • Unlike most Nomads, Oney does not hold his shield with his hands. Instead, he carries it on his back.